About Us

PUMA RV's is a family owned business located at Tuggerah .  Our family live on the NSW Central Coast, and we have been operating successful businesses on the Coast for over 30 years.

All of our PUMA Slide on Campers, Race/Cargo Trailers & Caravans are made in the USA within strict accordance with Australian Government Laws & Rules and are made exclusively for PUMA RV's.  Every unit we sell is a fully Australian (ADR) Complied unit.

PUMA RV's Australia has a range of RV's & Trailers available to suit everyone.  From small campers to large RV's, we have all types, styles and models available for you to relax and enjoy your holiday in complete comfort.

We have RV's and Trailers available for Leisure or Play, at affordable prices & as we said before, all of our products are fully Australian (ADR) complied. Our products have all of the features of the much larger RV's without all the excessive costs involved.

We have units in stock and available straight away plus a full range of accessories to personalise your RV or Slide on Camper & we will also customise and/or modify your Unit just the way you would like it to be.

Give us a call and let PUMA RV's look after you.